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Now It’s Spring, Vanna -engl. Nyt on kevät Vanamo
Now It’s Spring, Vanna -engl. Nyt on kevät Vanamo
13,00 €

Liisa Seppänen

This is a picture book about five-year-old Vanna and the life of her family from winter to spring –events at home and in nature – and the festive celebration of Easter in the spring.

Kertomus viisivuotiaan Vannan ja hänen perheensä elämästä talvesta kevääseen.

The book is the third in a series of three books ’It’s always summer at the cabin’ and ’Syksylläkin on enkeleitä’. The cheerfully delicate illustrations and text invite adults and children to share a peaceful moment of reading and discussion. The author is an artist and art school teacher from Oulunsalo. Translation by Eeva Kariniemi.

ISBN/ISRC/ISMN: 978-951-843-089-9
Published in: 2007
Published by: SRK/LLC
Edition: 1.
Pages: 48

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